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    Science at Sundy is an educational project to promote Scientific Education and to evoke pride in cultural knowledge and related events. Sundy is an emblematic place for Scientists, Anthropologists, Architects and a lot of people who are interested in different areas of knowledge. The Secondary School of Principe is aware of that and it promotes scientific and cultural activities integrated through formal and non-formal Education to engage students, teachers and the community. Among them, the celebrations of the 29th of May 1919, Science Trails and astronomical observations stand out.

    Until the end of 2016 this project was developed jointly by  HBD/Príncipe Trust’s Education team and, since then, its implementation by Príncipe’s High School has been supported by E@S.



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    “GRAVITY” - a Global Science Opera


    The 2019 production of Global Science Opera will be dedicated to the theme of gravity. Marking the centennial of Eddington’s Royal Astronomic Society and Royal Society expedition to the island of Principe, the opera’s synopsis will trace the development of humankind’s understanding of gravity from Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity to today’s most cutting-edge knowledge about Gravitational Waves.